Sunday, February 7, 2016

New patterns...

I have been busy creating new patterns the last couple of weeks. You can see a peek of three of them above. The red one just didn’t work (and I couldn’t figure out how to save it) so that one went in the bin. The other two, however, did turn out well, so I thought I would share them.
First is Grandma’s Roses in Pink. You can see the wallpaper and a fabric swatch below, though the flowers look a bit more muted than they actually are due to the lighting.

Here’s a closer look at the pattern.

It’s a pretty pattern with a vintage feel, which is what I wanted, and it printed well on both fabric and wallpaper – the people I have shared it with so far have really liked it. You can find it in fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap on Spoonflower by clicking here.
Next time I’ll share the pink & black pattern, which also comes in a purple color way. It’s a pretty fun and dramatic pattern.

Photos and designs by The Pink Home

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Miss Emily, the snow bunny...

Miss Emily loves cold weather though she’s not quite as enthusiastic about the crunchy stuff under her paws. She was out exploring this morning, checking to see what she had missed in the last couple of days.

When she wasn’t out in the snow, she kept busy photobombing me. I was trying to take a photograph of the hallway and she waltzed right in, sat down and looked at me like, what?

After her adventures outside, she decided a nap at my feet was the way to go.

Photos by The Pink Home

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Decorating with pink...

Is there anything more wonderful than decorating with the color pink? Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks the answer to this question is no.
I absolutely love decorating books (and cookbooks, novels, biographies ~ well, just books in general) and a good friend surprised me with this one at Christmas. It is one of the House Beautiful series of decorating books and it’s simply called “Pink”. When I saw it, I was like, “how did I miss this book?” Turns out it is fairly new and I just hadn’t seen it yet. I am so glad my friend took a chance and bought it for me. It’s wonderful ~ full of beautiful rooms and ideas and lots of reasons why pink is perfect for decorating.
I highly recommend it for all the pink lovers.

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tumblr: A different blogging experience...

As many of you know, in addition to this blog, I have another one called The Art of Living Beautifully. I also have a number of social media accounts under The Pink Home name, so I’m pretty easy to find and follow if you are so inclined. A few months ago, I dipped my toe back into the world of Tumblr, which is a whole different blogging experience. I think of my Tumblr blog, which I have named Living Beautifully, as my eye candy blog. It is nothing more than me sharing photographs ~ some of my own, and others ~ that appeal to my sense of beauty.
Here you can see a sampling of some of my posts. I hope you will follow me if you are on Tumblr; you can find me under thepinkhome. Click here to view my blog.