Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blooming' Pink & Violet...

As I mentioned some time ago, I created a couple of new floral patterns. Called Bloomin’ Pink and Bloomin’ Violet, these aren’t typical floral patterns. I had a little girl’s room in mind as I was working and I came up with this pattern in these two colorways. I’m pretty happy with how the swatches turned out.

Here are the original patterns:

And here they are as part of a larger group of patterns I created. The pink and black stripes pattern on the far right is a complement to the pink and black floral pattern. You can find all of these patterns on Spoonflower. Click here to view.

Photos and designs by The Pink Home

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A burst of spring color...

I do love seeing all the flowers coming back to life and showing off their color. I couldn’t resist sharing this burst of happiness I came across the other day.
Wishing all of you a colorful day...

Photo by The Pink Home

Monday, April 11, 2016

Watercolor Blooms...

My latest creation is a pattern I have called Watercolor Blooms, mostly because I created the flowers to look like they were painted in watercolors. It printed wonderfully well. I have done a lot with these sort of giant daisy flowers ~ I still have a couple other patterns to show you with them. I am thinking I am ready to move on to something a bit different now, though I haven’t decided just what yet.
You can find this pattern on Spoonflower, if you’re interested. Click here.

Design by The Pink Home