Pink lessons...

Photo by The Pink Home

As odd as it may sound, I've learned a lot from the color pink.
Just seeing that perfect shade of pink somehow makes me feel calmer, happier. Pink makes everything it touches seem a little nicer, a little prettier, a little sweeter, like that cupcake. If sadness is blue or gray, then happiness must be pink.
I realized surrounding myself with a color that produced those types of feelings was more than a lark, it was a way to live. Try it and you'll see what I mean. It's not that everything in my home is pink (though the thought is tempting...), it's just that having pink around me ~ pillows, fabrics, flowers, dishes, the occasional wall ~ makes me feel content. It makes me feel happy and inspired. Pink is more than a color to me; it's a way to live, surrounded by the things I find beautiful.
The Pink Home is an expression of that. I hope all of you will enjoy reading The Pink Home over the coming months (and one day perhaps browsing in my planned shop). If you are joining me as a reader of my old blog, The Art of Living Beautifully, thank you for following me over here.
I thought I'd share my House Rules for those of you who may not be familiar with my old blog. Think of them as little bits of wisdom I've picked up over the years. I hope you'll come back to visit soon.
Happy Pink Saturday!

The Pink Home's House Rules
1. Never underestimate what a can of paint can do ~ for a room, a piece of furniture or your well-being.
2. Comfort doesn't have to equal ugly.
3. Embracing your own style and sense of beauty is a gift to yourself and the universe.
4. Slow down when possible (which is more often than you think).
5. Politeness goes a long way.
6. Appropriateness should always be considered.
7. Fresh, homemade food is better for the body and soul than anything that comes out of a box (except maybe brownies).
8. If you always keep your eyes open for beauty, you'll spot it easier and more often.
9. If you're unsure, leave it in the store.
10. Pink is the color of happiness.
I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound ~ my first Pink Saturday here at The Pink Home. Stop by Beverly's place for more lovely pink.


Kittie Howard said…
Ohhhh, Bella, your Pink Home is gorgeous! I'm so glad I'm back in the routine (life's been hectic) and got to visit your new blog. I scrolled thru previous posts. Divine! And this music is beautiful...Moon River is a fav *sighs*.
Hi Bella,
Love your blog! Love all the pink and the blooms in your header are simply gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Spring, and I'm your newest follower! Have a wonderful pink weekend.

PS~ Hope you don't mind but I just mentioned your blog in my Pink Saturday post. :) Blessings
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Bella.

You are looking fabulous over here at The Pink Home. I am loving everything.

Bits of pink around make me feel better, too.♥
What a delicious and pretty looking cupcake! Your rules are awesome! I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
The color pink always makes me feel good. Love the pink cupcake. I can almost taste it's pink goodness.
Happy Pink Saturday.
Holly said…
Hi Bella~
Love your house rules - good ones to know and follow. I really like what you said about Pink too as it makes me feel so wonderful! Welcome to Pink Saturday!
Anne Fannie said…
Hello Bella,
Your home and blog are beautiful!!
I would like a bite of that cupcake. I have been on a diet and I zoomed right in on that picture! LOL
Happy Pink Saturday.
BonjourRomance said…
Your new blog looks great, and I love your House Rules - from one pink lover to another!
Wishing you a wonderufl weekend,
Your house rules are perfectly pink. I couldn't agree with you more. Have a happy pink week.
Happy Pink Saturday!
I love your House Rules and I think I would get an A as I pretty much follow them all!

Your new blog is lovely, just like your home!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Love your house rules!

~ Gabriela ~
vicki said…
Oh my - you certainly have put me into a pink mood! Beautiful photos - I want that cupcake right now!!

Patti said…
Your pink rules are beautiful!!! They exude the "spirit" of pink, which, to me, is lovely and gentle.

Your new blog home is gorgeous...just like The Art of Living Beautifully was/is. Thanks for adding a bit of beauty to my day.

Jacqueline said…
Wish I had one of those gorgeous cupcakes right now to indulge in and slow down and make me calm. It would be my happy spot! I love all of your suggestions. They are all too true. Have a wonderful PS.
Lynn said…
Hmm love your blog, Am your newest follower too. Your Pink House rules are beautiful. Happy PS.
Jori said…
What a lovely blog! That cupcake looks delish! I am your latest follower. :)
Birgit said…
Welcome to Pink Saturday -- you will love the pink crowd for sure! :)

Happy Pink Saturday,
Char said…
Bella, your new blog is beautiful and your house rules are just perfect. The color pink can and does bring out something in all of us, a peacefulness and calmness that nothing else can measure.
Happy Pink Saturday sweetie, Char
Awesome Pink rules, love it!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Kathleen Ellis said…
Hello Bella!
Love your new blog space...and I do so LOVE PINK! I feel the same way about it as you!
I also love your "House Rules"!
Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
Have a beautiful weekend~
;-D Kathleen
LV said…
Thank you for sharing the House Rules. I love them. I have been told pink is a good color for me, but have maybe one item.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love your P.S. post... and I smiled when I saw your blog banner; it reminded me of one of my recent posts that showcases tulips almost identical to your (although not as beautifully photographed as yours!). :)
Sarah said…
I agree with absolutely everything you've written today...thanks for the inspirations!!!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Connie said…
I love your house rules, sweetpea! Every single one of them, especially the last one. Happy pink saturday.
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
That cupcake looks heavenly!!

Have a happy weekend xx
Now I want a pink cupcake, ha! Great rules to live by. I know exactly what you mean about the paint!

Happy PS,
Your cupcake looks so yummy even at 6:30am I wouldn't mind a big bite! :) I love your House Rules...perfectly said! I get teased a lot about my house being all pink and floral. I always tell them what a happy color pink is and who wouldn't want to be surrounded by happy? If a color puts a smile on your face then I guess it's right for you. Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks for sharing such a great post.
Rhonda said…
Everything is just gorgeous!!! I love all the pink in your home!
I am your newest follower! I hope you will drop by my blog! I am a brand new blogger; therefore, I am just learning!!!
Looking forward to getting to know you!!

Annesphamily said…
I am glad to be part of your blog. It is wonderful filled with tasty treats and all wonderful pinks! I welcome you over here at Pink Saturday and enjoy the ride. Stop by any time. I love having new friends come visit. Anne
Regina said…
Love your new blog.
Nice Rules.
Happy Pink!
Enjoy springtime Bella.

" Regina "
Olivia said…
Bella you are just simply delightful and pink is such a darling happy color...girl, you know i'm hooked! LOL! Happy Pink Saturday.
Hello Bella

I love your header, is gorgeous! And that cup cake looks very good.
I'm your newest follower. Come and visit my blog for more pink!
Have a blessed weekend!
Hello Bella,

Oh my that cupcake looks delish! I couldn't agree more about the color pink. It is calming and soothing, and so feminine!


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