A new favorite...

One may live without bread, not without roses.
~ Jean Richepin

The more I photograph roses, the more I fall in love with them. My favorite flowers are actually daisies, followed closely by hydrangeas. But there's something about roses that keeps pulling me back in when I pick up my camera.
With all the recent packing and moving and unpacking, it's been nearly a couple of months since I have been able to do any photography. I've only just been sorting through and processing the batches I took in the couple of weeks leading up to all the upheaval. This is one of the last pictures I snapped in the rose garden at our old house. It's also my new favorite photograph ~ I have a copy of it set as the wallpaper on my computer. It's quite a magnificent rose, unfurled in all its pink loveliness, just starting to show its age on the outer edges. I am thinking I'll make prints of it for the shop, and maybe some note cards.
Speaking of the shop, I am getting back into the swing of things to get that open. I'm really trying to have it ready to open next month. Fingers crossed. And if you haven't already, stop by and check out our new Website: www.thepinkhome.com.
Wishing all of you a lovely and peaceful weekend...

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Stop by Beverly's place for more lovely pinks.


I know about roses....there is just something about them and I love many other flowers, too....like you the Daisies, Lily Of The Valley, Lilacs, Tulips, Bleeding Hearts....just to name a few, but roses...Oh we love our roses!
I love how you have a rose in each teacup on your window sil! Enchanting!
lynne said…
Happy Pink Saturday
This bloom is stunning.
I read an article the other day that said that flowers were the most photographed of any earthy object.

Yours are lovely.

Enjoy your garden this wonderful summer.

What a beautie. Roses in pinks are always enjoyed. Thx for sharing.


I came for Pink Saturday and took the tour of the new cottage. It's just fabulous. Can't wait to see the rest. xo Nancy
Sarah said…
It really is a gorgeous rose! Thanks for showing it off! :) Hope life slows down a little for you soon. We just finished a move as well and I've got a baby due in just a few weeks...hoping my life slows down too! Ha!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
perfect for pink Saturday...love roses but wisteria and fuschia are my favorites.
LV said…
I enjoy and love all flowers. Nothing can replace a perfect rose such as this in my opinion.
Sares said…
Lovely! I bet is smells oh so sweet too. Happy Pink Saturday!
Hi: Love all the pink! It is my favorite color. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Martha
Patti said…
I love that quote!!! And I love your photo. GORGEOUS!!

I enjoy taking photographs of roses too, and recently, I enjoyed a photo shoot at the rose garden in one of the downtown parks in my city. It seems I have a new favorite every visit.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Oh, and I'm glad my classic movie reviews have piqued your interest in classic Hollywood. That is definitely my goal!
What a lovely rose.
Joyce M
Claudia said…
Roses are indeed beautiful. That is a lovely photo. Happy PS!
Dru said…
Your rose is just lovely - mine are just now in the bud. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru
Maggie said…
Such a beautiful rose, a true classy classic and what wonderful notecards they will be.
Off to take a look at your website to discover more delightful things.
Just a beautiful shade of pink!
Perfect pink rose-beautiful!
Roan said…
I've always thought roses were pretty, but never really thought about planting any until my cousin gave me one for my birthday. Now I have several and have fallen madly in love with each one. Beautiful photo!
Annette said…
You photograph your flowers so beautifully! That rose is exquisite!
Lilah Daniels said…
this rose is beautiful. can you tell me what kind/color it is?

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