Pretty watercolors...

I'd love to be able to paint, but that just isn't one of my talents. I can take a pretty good photo, though, and with the help of one of those wondrous photo/painting software programs, I have been able to turn some of my photos into art. I thought I'd share some of my first attempts just for fun. (You can check out the original photo of the tier of cakes above in the right-hand column of my blog.) Carol at Serendipity (one of my favorite blogs) is a pro at this and seeing her work inspired me to try it out. If you haven't, stop by her place and see some of her beautiful photos.
I am working on turning several photos into paintings to use as artwork on notecards for that little shop I hope to open someday. It's really interesting to see which photos work well with that treatment and which ones don't. It's sort of like buying a dress ~ you know, the one you love on the rack turns out not to look so hot once you put it on, but then you fall in love with the dress you decide to try on for the heck of it. You just never know.


BonjourRomance said…
They look gorgeous. I recognised your 3-tier stand right away. Waiting for your notecards and all the other treasures that will be in The Pink House!
Hope you've been having a good week,
Anonymous said…
Watercolor was hard for me, I wasn't that great at it. My teacher said my paintings were always too opaque.

Your photos turned out gorgeous!!!
Leann said…
Hi Bella

I haven't been doing much visiting lately. So glad you stopped by to let me know about your new place. Love it my friend.

The photo treatments are great! Have fun with it!

McVal said…
What gorgeous pics! It truly looks like you painted that last one!
Great job! Thanks for your kind words. I have made note cards of several of my "creations" and my family loved them.

I am making a change from a Windows to Mac. This is a whole new learning curve.

Your shop is just going to be wonderful. Again, thanks for the kind words.

Kathleen Ellis said…
Hey Bella! These are very cool! What is the program you used? I definitely think you should follow your heart with the notecard idea! Love it!
Thanks for stopping by will take all of us to make a Graciousness Impact & change the world! But I think we can do it!
Have a beautiful evening~
;-D Kathleen
Amy said…
Those are very pretty.. Have a great night..
You know the saying "great minds think alike"...I just posted a photo that I worked with and applied a painting technique to...eeeekkkkssss and I do love your Furry First Friay party!!!
These photos are very pretty and isn't it fun???
It just occurred to me that I have some photos of a pink poodle...It was dressed for a Halloween party...I'll try to find it and send it to you!!!
Anonymous said…
OMG...they look like REAL paintings!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!
Hugs, Diane
Amy said…
Have a great weekend..
Oh my goodness! Your photos turned into paintings are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Do you use photoshop or what to do this great technique? We purchased photoshop recently and I'm not even sure how to use it yet, but if this technique is on there I sure want to try it. You are a beautiful photographer and I'm sure that is one reason your photos turned into paintings look so lovely.

I just happened to find your blog today. I love it.

Lee Ann

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