Home sweet home...

Our cute little Craftsman cottage near the beach.

The side gate and peach rose tree at our new house.

Call off the search parties ~ I'm back. Best of all, I'm moved! I honestly don't know how we made it through the past week, but we did, thank goodness. On top of the moving chaos, our little dog Emily had to spend three days in the hospital for pancreatitis. We were frightened at one point that she might not make it, but she seems to be recovering, so please keep your fingers crossed. I am so grateful to put this move behind me, I can't tell you. As I write this, our new house is probably 99 percent together, so I can head back to work and not come home to boxes for the first time in a month. What a wonderful thought.
I will be taking photos of each room over the next couple of weeks and sharing them with you. For now, here's the outside and a couple tiny sneak peeks at the interior. 
Hope all of my fellow Americans had a wonderful Fourth of July. Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

The front porch swing.

A glimpse into the kitchen.

Daisies on my coffee table ~ my reward for three solid days of unpacking.

All photos by The Pink Home


oooooooooooooh, I love it!!!! I want to see more :-)

Poor Emily, sending hugs and positive thoughts!

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