A labor of love...

After months of work, I must admit that getting The Pink Home Shop off the ground is proving rather more difficult than I imagined ~ and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. The creative side is, of course, the fun part. The paperwork, not so much. I thought I had all the required paperwork figured out but when I called City Hall to ask a question yesterday, I learned I had to fill out additional paperwork they had neglected to mention before. None of it has anything to do with what I want to do, mind you, but it is required nonetheless. I'm up to six forms/applications and three fees and counting ~ it's as though California would rather do anything than let a person start a very, very small little home business. I even thought that perhaps I had been misunderstood as to what I was doing ~ you wouldn't think selling prints and note cards and the like online would require an environmental survey and a water runoff form ~ but I was assured that in fact, all of the forms are required, even if I put N/A on nearly every blank and sign it. Sigh...
As the urge to throw in the towel grew greater, a whining session with one of my best friends managed to get me righted. I realized that if I want to get my wares on Etsy, and I very much do, this is what has to be done so I might as well accept it and deal with it and move on. The only alternative is to wait until I move back East to the Carolinas, where there are not quite so many fees and forms, but that would mean putting things off for more than a year, and I can't imagine doing that. It just wouldn't feel right.
So my labor of love is still going. (The photo above is one of my latest). All the forms will be filed next week and, hopefully, all will move ahead as planned and my little Etsy shop will be open in a month or so. Fingers crossed.

Photo by The Pink Home


Shame on California! They know the should not be wasteing our trees like that. Oh well hang in there lady


Happy Pink Saturday Eileen Sweetie...
Oh what a sad thing we have to go through when we want to do something so simple. Forms are our worst nightmare.

Everybody always wants a piece of the pie, and of course anything worth having takes time. Patience sweet friend. I for one will be waiting when you open your glorious store. Keep us posted, and in the mean time, keep filling out those forms. N/A - N/A - N/A -

Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry
Marydon said…
California has a habit of turning off 'dreams'. Good thing we don't have to go thru that in MD. I'd say forget it.

Best of luck & success.
Have a great PS weekend ~
Denise said…
Hi Eileen,

Your photo is just lovely! What are those pink flowers? They look divine. Shame on California indeed. We'd be happy to have you here in North Carolina. Good luck with your Etsy shop and Happy Pink Saturday!

Denise at Forest Manor
Holly said…
Your pink flowers are just beautiful! Sorry you are having so much trouble with starting a business - they sure do make things difficult. I bet it will be worth it though! We will look forward to it.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Love the photo!

Great Pink Home!


love, kelee
Sorry about all of the problems. Come on back to the Carolina's. We are easy to get along with and will offer our southern hospitality!
Cat & Cricket said…
Simply stunning photo!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Abramyan Avenue said…
Wow.. who have imagined all that would be involved. It seems like you have a clear, solid plan so don't give up or get discouraged. Stay persistant and determined and you will do great!!!
Your photo is lovely... just beautiful!
Have a great weekend!
So sad, I know. I live in Nor-Cal. I've never had to deal with that end of starting up a small business, but know others who have shared the same thoughts as you. Your flowers are beautiful, hang in there...don't give up. Marcia
Jorgelina said…
Your photo is just lovely!
Happy pink saturday!
Wonderful weekend!
Olivia said…
Oh my heavens this is a pretty pic! Hang in there! Hope it gets better soon .
Your photo is just gorgeous!

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