Lovely new pink fabric...

I've been busy playing with new fabric designs the last couple of weeks and this lovely pink one is pretty much finished so I thought I'd share it for Pink Saturday. This design is called Pink Bouquet and I've set it in a mirror/repeating pattern. You can see how it will look here. Once I get the sample, it'll be added to my Just Pink fabric collection and available for purchase on Spoonflower. I'm thinking of making a lap blanket from it ~ all that lovely pink to snuggle under on a cold day. What do you think?
I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Stop by Beverly's place for more lovely pinks.

Design by The Pink Home


Pretty, pretty! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday weekend.

LV said…
I am in awe of your talent to do this. I have not seen any that I did not like.
Riet said…
Wow, Beautiful. Happy pink Saturday

Love this fabric!

Susie Jefferson said…
YES! This one is definitely a winner. Everyone is going to love it.

Hugs & Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!
Vanessa said…
Hi, Eileen

I am in love with these fabrics! How lovely! Enjoyed looking around.

Moogie said…
Lovely, I envision a sweet little apron, maybe a pillow with big fluffy ruffles, or even a place mat.
Ms. Burrito said…
So pretty!

Would you please visit my PINK too? Thanks a lot!
Marie Arden said…
Just lovely and so pink!
Merci regarding the mention on your blog list.
Pink thoughts!
Olivia said…
Oh my sweetness this is so very elegant and pretty for the pink home! Love it!
Natasha in Oz said…
That is indeed a beautiful design-you are very clever!

I have just posted a pink post to honour a very dear friend of mine who passed away this week from breast cancer.This October's pink ribbon campaign is now even more important and poignant than ever before. I hope you will come visit.

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Eileen.

This fabric pattern is gorgeous. You've been busy creating beauty. And, I know a lap blanket would be wonderful.
Laura said…
Gorgeous! It's so feminine-I love it!

Charlotte said…
Love that beautiful pink design.
Happy Pink Saturday.
Hi Eileen,

I think your newest fabric will make a wonderful lap blanket. You have many lovely designs. Spoonflower is great, isn't it? I haven't designed anything yet but I think it gives creative souls a much needed place to see their designs materialize.

Pink Sparkles for your week!
Stephanie Suzanne ♥
pinkkandy said…
Oh!Happy Day! Pink Day; that is..and late as usual ....I will spend most of the rest of this week-end skipping all over blog land...God Bless You All..and I mean really bless you!
Melody said…
What a perfectly Pink pretty for PS
Love the design.
CailinMarie said…
this is fascinating. You design the fabric and get the sample from where? I really think that is just too cool -
Happy Pink Saturday

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