New note cards in the shop...

I have been working on a few new things for the shop, including this new note card set, Tumbling White Flowers. The actual image on the note card is below ~ it's a bit lighter than it appears in the top photo, as you can see. I have a couple of other sets that I have just re-listed since they sold this past summer, including the Swing & Fences card set at the very bottom and the Bee and & Poppy note card set, which is one of my favorites thanks to the perfect little bee it features.
The Tumbling White Flowers photo I took in Los Angeles this past autumn. I just loved the way the flowers were sort of tumbling near the slightly worn fence. Pretty, isn't it? I think the cards are quite striking. I'm thinking of making one for myself and popping it into a 5x7 frame, with the card stock serving as a border. Easy and pretty art ~ you can't beat that.

Photos by The Pink Home


Laura said…
That's a beautiful photo!! :)


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