The beauty of fabric bundles...

Is there anything better for the imagination than a bundle of pretty fabrics? Pillows, napkins, curtains, craft projects... oh, the possibilities! I absolutely adore fabric bundles ~ they're like a stack of happiness in pretty colors and patterns.
These are a couple of new fabric bundles I recently put into the shop. (All the fabrics are my original designs.) I tend to group my fabric bundles by colors ~ I put together what looks pretty to me and sell them that way. The first bundle, Pink & Plum, is a group of new fabrics and the second is a pastel bundle I just adore. The Pink & Plum bundle contains one fat quarter each of Pink Medley, Bright Leaves, Autumn Birds in Plum and Scrolling Through the Day in Lavender, while the Pastel 1/2 Yards bundle has a 1/2 yard each of Pink Bouquet, Muted Leaves and Peaches & Cream.
Though I love all my designs, Pink Medley is my favorite, followed very closely by all of the others. :) In fact, that pattern will be taking a starring role in my living room redecoration, which you can read about here. Which fabric design do you like the best?

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Stop by Beverly's place for more lovely pinks.

Photos by The Pink Home



Love these prints!

Please don't ask me to pick my favorite, I love em all. I must confess, though I love all pastels, I have to admit pink usually rises to the top! Does that make me a pink-aholic? Oh well


Marti McClure said…
What a cute collection of fabrics! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti
LV said…
I know nothing about fabric, I do love seeing it in quilts tho.
I appreciate beautiful fabric! Colors, patterns and stack of these make beautiful vignettes. My MIL has a room with nothing but fabrics, lovely. Happy Pink

The French Hutch
lovely bundles .. I have a difficult time resisting pretty fabric.
Happy PS !
chubskulit said…
Love the patterns/design!

Pink Cupcakes, have a great weekend!
Lorraine said…
Lovely!! I know what you mean, though...when asked my favorite color, it's not a color but a color combo that appeals to me. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥
Oh these are pretty.
*Happy Pink Saturday*

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