Introducing my first wallpaper designs...

When I closed The Pink Home Shop before I moved earlier this summer, I knew I wanted to do some different things when I re-opened it. One of the big things I wanted to do was offer some of my designs in wallpaper. In between my day job and working on the house, I've been working on creating some new designs and adapting others. I was finally able to order some wallpaper samples of the designs I've been working on in the last week or so. When they arrived, I held my breath as I unpacked them. And then I jumped up and down with delight.
I was so happy with how they turned out ~ they really did reproduce perfectly color-wise ~ that I had to give you a sneak peak at some of them. Now I just have to finish sorting and deciding what goes in the shop when it re-opens this autumn. I'm particularly happy with several of my pink designs and the Floral Medley pattern colors ~ they're very vibrant. My new pewter pattern turned out marvelously, too. You'll have to forgive my excitement; I've always wanted to design fabrics and wallpaper, so it's pretty thrilling to finally be able to do both.
I'm curious to see what all of you think, so let me know in the comments. Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

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LV said…
My, but you are very talented. Your wallpaper designs are great.
woow...they are very beautiful :)
and do not miss......




it is FUN :)
last week 102 nice blogs.
HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)
WOW! Those designs are lovely. I can see why you would be so excited about them.
Tami Kenner said…
The new designs and really nice and I love the colors you use, Eileen.
Well done!!
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami
The colors are wonderful. Gee, moving, day job, working on house, wallpaper designing, sigh. Please send me some of that energy !
Happy Pink Saturday.
Tracy F. said…
Cute designs--- love the polka dots! Happy P.S.!
Your wallpapers are just lovely. I bet your shop will be wonderful when you reopen it. I'm your newest follower. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog.
NEJ said…
Neat colors and neat designs..

Visiting from PS- hope you can stop by..
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Eileen. I am so glad you joined us today, and I appreciate you always making Pink Saturday special.

Just look at you! These are gorgeous ... and awesome ... and fabulous. I keep going back to your photo so I can tell you my favorite, but everytime I look I change my mind about my favorite. That means I love them all.♥
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Eileen. I am so glad you joined us today, and I appreciate you always making Pink Saturday special.

Just look at what you have done. Each one is awesome ... and fabulous ... and gorgeous. I love them all.♥
Absolutely love it! It alsomst makes me wish i had a little girl ... Almost, my fearless toddler is enough for now!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Karen said…
Love the designs and especially the colors. They look amazing!
Eileen, your designs are so pretty. Love the pinks. Thanks for visiting and Happy Pink Saturday weekend. Happy Autumn.

Mary said…
These are really lovely. I'm amazed that you find time for design work with all that is going on in your life
I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

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