Christmas at The Pink Home...

December is just flying by, isn't it? I've been busy with getting the last few things done to complete my move/house redo ~ so glad it's finished! I've also been busy decorating for Christmas now that my house is done.
Since my pink and white living room is accented with metallics, it seemed appropriate to keep my Christmas decorations to the same color scheme. I found this adorable little champagne colored tree at Hobby Lobby for the fireplace and added a few sparkly bits of garland to catch the light. I have a friend who gives me pink flamingo ornaments (a reminder of a previous adventure), so they went on this tree, too. A few pink and white poinsettias, some metallic garland for the mantle, a metallic wreath for the door and lots of candles, and I was done. The room has a lovely pink light on a regular day, but with the Christmas decorations, it positively glows.
Wishing all of you a lovely week...

Photos by The Pink Home


Karen said…
I love your home! It is beautiful!
You have a lovely week also.
Leann said…
I feel so warm and cozy just looking at you home - it's lovely!

Soft and romantic!

Merry Christmas!
I LOVE your blog! So beautifully done. I paint interiors inspired by The Masters so your blog is very inspiring.
I will be back. Have a lovely holiday.
Best wishes,
Loved browsing through your beautiful home, Eileen. Loved the dogs too. :) I absolutely love the way the pink on pink looks with the wall color and the drapes. I must add your Etsy to my Pretty Little Shops gadget which I will be putting up again shortly on my sidebar.
I've followed on google and linky and I've added The Pink Home to my sidebar blogroll to not miss a thing. I look forward to visiting. My goodness, from California to the Carolinas...what a difference, huh.
Much love,

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