New year, new plans...

As some of you know, I have another, older blog called The Art of Living Beautifully. While this one tends to focus on my Pink Home creations and such, that one is really all about enjoying beauty in the every day.
I was thinking about what I'd like to do with that blog this coming year and I decided I'd like to use it to re-focus my energies and creativity. From that thought came the list below about different themes for each month that I'm going to explore on that blog ~ sort of a mindful stroll through the year as it passes.

January ~ Resting & Planning the Year
February ~ Love 
March ~ Starting Anew
April ~ Letting Spring Blossom
May ~ The Beauty of Seasonal Living
June ~ Blooming Where You're Planted
July ~ The Little Things
August ~ Summer Delight
September ~ Another Fresh Start
October ~ Autumn's Glory
November ~ The Beauty of the Kitchen
December ~ Rejoicing in the Holidays

I thought I would share my plans here in case any of you thought you might like to join the conversation. Click here to pop over to The Art of Living Beautifully.


Patti said…
As you know, I follow both blogs...I mean, is it ever possible to have too much beauty or too much pink in one's life?!

I am looking forward to your upcoming themes. They all sound completely delightful. I will definitely be visiting you there...and here as well.


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