The perfect pink wall...

Even though I spent the better part of the past year painting all the rooms in my house, I can’t seem to completely stop. A couple of weekends ago, I had to repaint the porch ceiling and the rest of the porch, so I figured I might as well go ahead and paint the great wall in the living room. Again.
I call it the great wall because at 18 feet, it’s the longest uninterrupted wall in the house ~ it’s the perfect backdrop for my collection of women portraits (also known as the Wall of Women). And while I know it sounds a bit odd to repaint the wall considering all the thought I put into the color last year, it just didn’t seem quite right. These past few months I had been thinking the color of the wall needed to be warmer and brighter. I went through just about every pink paint chip I could get my hands on the last couple of months and then, finally, I found THE ONE, the color I had been looking for and dreaming about, the perfect pink for my wall: Pink Flamingo.
The photos above show the living room with the accent wall painted in Pink Flamingo. Isn’t it fab? It deepens as the light dwindles and is cheery and warm and welcoming during the day. I just love it.
Here’s the original color on that wall, a much cooler pink:

And here it is now:

It’s much warmer, don’t you think? Lovely and warm and bright ~ it really gives the room the feel I was looking for. And so far, everyone loves it. My friends especially love that I painted part of my living room a color named Pink Flamingo. What do you think?
Wishing all of you a lovely Thanksgiving...

All photos by The Pink Home


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