The beauty of a sweet surprise...

Some of you may have noticed I seemed to have missed the month of March. But I really did have a good reason for my lengthy break: I ran off to (finally) get married and enjoy a lovely Hawaiian honeymoon with my husband. As I’m sure you can understand, with all the planning and last-minute things to figure out, I just couldn’t seem to get to my blogs.
But I am home now and will finish getting settled this week and back to regular life ~ and I am honestly looking forward to it. So many little things have either been on hold or only halfway done the last few months ~ projects around the house, planning our new front garden, new fabric and wallpaper designs, organizing the one room in our house that desperately needs it (my husband calls it his office but really it’s a disaster area), blogging, etc. You know, life. The fun stuff.
After being gone nearly two weeks, we arrived home yesterday evening to find these beautiful flowers waiting for us, along with a home-cooked dinner. Knowing we would be exhausted after so much traveling, one of my friends came and left it all set up for us as a surprise ~ isn’t that incredibly sweet and thoughtful? (I just love how she wrapped the top of these little glass containers with that adorable ribbon to create such pretty little vases. These are going to be my go-to bud vases this spring and summer.)
I will be back with more decorating and designs. Wishing all of you a lovely week...

Photos by The Pink Home


Congratulations and best wishes. How exciting and welcome back.

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