A comfy and cheerful makeover for the porch...

Come on in...

As I mentioned earlier, I recently redid my porch. I had no intention of redoing it, but I was cleaning out the attic and some other rooms, gathering items for a yard sale, when I realized I wanted to do a thorough clear-out. That meant making some decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. I decided if I didn’t love it, couldn’t use it or didn’t have a realistic plan for it, it had to go.
In doing that, I found this latticework rug I had in the attic that I loved and wanted to use. Because the purple rug on the porch was really too small, and I had just seen an article in a magazine about putting different pattern rugs together, I decided to give it a try out here on the porch. It took me a bit to figure out the configuration, but I did it.
And then I realized that some of the metal porch furniture I had really would be better outside in my new side garden (more on that later) so I moved it out there. Which meant I needed a couple more chairs, so I brought one from inside and bought another. And before I knew it, I was well on my way to rearranging and reworking the entire space. (You can see what the porch looked like before here.)

It took a few days to get it where it felt right. The funny thing is after I got the rugs situated and nearly the entire floor was covered with something soft, I noticed Miss Emily loved spending time out there. And I noticed my husband and I started spending more time out there ~ the space just seemed more comfortable. Of course, after spending a few days out there, my husband decided he needed an ottoman. Normally he would just use the floor pillows stacked up but it turns out Miss Emily likes to lay on those. So when I found an outdoor pouf on sale at Target, I snatched it up.

I also had an extra round table that I decided I needed to put to good use, so I moved it out here ~ it’s perfect between those chairs.

The seashell mirror still sits on top of the old mantle we pieced back together and painted. You might also think that yellow chair looks familiar. I picked it up for a song, unsure of what I would do with it, sometime last year. Working on this redo, I decided it belonged out here, so I painted it yellow and gave it a little skirt. I also made some pillows in that fabric and covered a piece of canvas to dot the colors all around the porch.

I love how it all turned out. It’s bright, cheery and comfortable ~ a perfect place to spend time this summer. What do you think?

Photos by The Pink Home


Hi Eileen,
I simply love what you do with decorating. Your home looks so comfortable and livable.

Enjoy your wonderful summer room.

Linda Young said…
It's so pretty! I love your painted furniture and mix of patterns in the bright fabrics. Those bird screens are wonderful! If I can ever get my porch uncluttered from the storage it's providing right now, I will use some of your ideas as inspiration! Have a very happy summer!

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