A garden party...

I will be the gladdest thing 
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.
~ Edna St. Vincent Millay, "Afternoon on a Hill"

It's a lovely day for a garden party here at The Pink Home. Many of our favorite flowers are in bloom and the day is sunny, with a gentle breeze blowing in off the ocean. The tea kettle is on and there are plenty of delicious goodies on hand.
Come and sit a spell and then wander through the garden...

All photos by The Pink Home

Wishing all of you a lovely week, full of beauty...

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Laura said…
Your flowers are absolutely beautiful.
I wish I was close enough to come for a real garden party! :P
But then.. you'd probably put me to work packing boxes so... forget it. :P

Eileen said…
I'm usually a much better hostess than that, Laura, but at this point, I seriously will put anyone who crosses my doorway to work packing boxes. lol
Kay Ellen said…
Pretty party and garden~~~~I will be right over :)

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Kay Ellen
Faith said…
Stopping to visit..thank you visiting me and leaving a comment...how sweet of you.. I can almost smell those roses...such a beautiful time of year...with the scent of rosebuds....:)
Jules said…
This is lovely and I love the quote you posted. I remember my grandmother used to have something in her bedroom with that quote displayed.
Beansieleigh said…
Beautiful flowers, Eileen! And the tea and cookies look wonderful!... Moving, are you? It must be hard to leave your beautiful roses behind? I would do like Faith did, and take a snippet or two.. or three or four! and replant them at your new place! Wish I could help you pack, but good luck with it all, and best wishes to you! ~tina
That's a beautiful garden and the first photo with the tea and biscuits is great. xo
Your photos are beautiful. I also like the first one-looks so inviting.
bj said…
I love your beautiful little garden..I would love to sit and have tea but I MUST run over to see the other gardens. :)
I am signing up to follow..we're sistahs, after all.
xo bj
cmoh said…
Gorgious! Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your garden it has been a delight to visit.
Amy P said…
Looks wonderfully inviting! Thanks for the peek :)
debi said…
Eileen, your gardens are delightful! I love all of your beautiful roses, in all the best colors.

And your mosaic is gorgeous!

Love the pretty old chair, everything just looks so cozy and comfy.

Thank you for joining our Garden Party and sharing your beautiful gardens.
Hugs, Debi
Maggi said…
How beautiful! I just love that first shot!
Everything looks just beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my FB page. It's always exciting to me when someone leaves a comment there :)
That's a beautiful garden! lovely pics!



What a stunning garden!

~ Gabriela ~
LV said…
Nothing better than a little refreshments in a garden filled with flowers.
Marydon said…
I'm on my way over, Eileen. Stunning, peaceful garden.
Have a beautiful PS weekend.
Eileen, I'm on my way. Thx for sharing.


Absolutely adore your collage.
Joyce M
wish I was there! Hopping over from Pink Saturday. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs

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