The joy of fabric samples...

As a longtime lover of textiles, fabric always gives me a little thrill. So you can imagine my joy when samples of my own fabric designs arrived on the doorstep. I thought I'd share some of the printed samples with you. From top to bottom are Simply Teal, House Rule, Purple Medley and Scrolling Through the Day. There are quite a few more, so you'll be seeing some others as time goes on. All are available in my Spoonflower shop
Perhaps even more exciting, I got an e-mail yesterday from someone asking about a design that wasn't actually for sale yet ~ she wanted to purchase it! How cool to think that fabric I designed will be in other people's homes.
If you missed it, my Etsy shop finally opened this week. I'll be holding a giveaway from that in a couple days, so be sure to stop by.
How do you like the new blog design? I redid it so the look is more in line with the shops. I gave my other blog, The Art of Living Beautifully, a makeover, too, so pop over and see that and let me know what you think.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week...

All photos by The Pink Home


cmoh said…
They are gorgious! I think the pink word one (House Rules) is my favorite but who knows it's so hard to pick!

Congrats on your store!
Laura said…
How exciting! The fabrics are really lovely and what a wonderful sign that someone already wants to buy some!

The blog layout is really nice. I'm digging it. :)

Very exciting and tres cool.
They are all gorgeous, I love them. I wish I had something I could make out of them, but I don't own a sewing machine and frankly, I don't enjoy sewing. If I knew someone I could pay to sew for me, I'd scoop them up! :-)
The Tablescaper said…
Such beautiful fabrics! Love the blue one.

- The Tablescaper
Kellie Collis said…
Gorgeous fabrics! Have a glorious weekend, Kellie xx
Connie said…
Your fabric designs are absolutely, positively outstanding and gorgeous, sweetpea!!! I mean it.
Eileen said…
Thanks so much, everyone. I'm really glad you like them. :)

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