Delicate pinks...

I came across these photos I took months ago and couldn't resist sharing, Christmastime or not. Pink tulips are one of my absolute favorite things ~ they're so lovely and delicate. I love it when they start to droop ever so slightly and take on an almost wispy look. Their fragility makes them even more beautiful to me. I'm feeling a little frazzled myself this week, like a good strong wind would do me in. Perhaps that's why these photos called to me?
I was so enamored with the light streaming through the blinds onto the tulips in the second photo that I decided to redo my blog header using that photo. And that led to a few other changes and a general sprucing up. I hope you like the updated look.
Wishing all of you a lovely weekend, full of beauty...

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. Stop by Beverly's place for more pinks or lovely holiday posts.

Photos by The Pink Home


Eileen said…
Thank you, Kathie! So good to hear from you. :)
Laura said…
It's absolutely perfect! Great choice. :)

Hello Eileen,
Your pink tulips are simply lovely, and I love them too! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday weekend.

Christmas blessings,
The pink tulips are lovely. I don't think I've ever seen any that color before. It's so nice to see your touch of spring on this (almost) winter's day. Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine
tami said…
I love pink tulips!!
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami
LV said…
I am glad you shared the pretty pink tulips. It is kinda nice seeing something different this time of the year.
Gayle said…
I love Christmas time, but I do miss the flowers. I am visiting for the first time from How Sweet the Sound.
Gayle from Behind the Gate
Sarah said…
Beautiful HAPPY new look! I love it! :)

I am hosting my weekly Homemaking Link-Up Weekend and would love to have you link your homemaking related posts, if you're interested!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Beautiful Pink Tulips...I've never seen them so pastel and translucent. Lovely photography as well. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas.
Ellen said…
Oh how I dream of favorite time of the year. I think these tulips are the prettiest shade of pink.
Merry Christmas
annap51 said…
LOVE your pink blog! I am a pink girl, too, so I'll be following you for more pink tips and just general uplifting pink things. :D
Cottage Touch said…
So cozy,warm..HPS..I miss everyone....Thank you for sharing this Season.
Happy Holidays~
Katie said…
Hi...I stumbled across your blog from Google photos. So pretty and I am now your newest follower! I linked a photo back to your blog...XoXo

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