New fabric designs... and wallpaper?

Fabric designing is one of my new passions, as some of you know. I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak at some of the new designs I've been working on. I took some of my favorite designs and put them in new and different colors. (Click on the image for a larger view.) I'm quite taken with all of them and I'm thinking of turning some of them into wallpaper designs in the future. The Floral Medley patterns and the Floral Weaving patterns (viewable on the Collections page in my Spoonflower shop) particularly lend themselves to wallpaper. What do you think?


Hi! Thx for stopping by my blog today. Love your blog. Now following. My favorite wallpaper the slate blue. Going to peek into your etsy store ,too!
also, really enjoying your christmas music!! I love the old school stuff.
Barbara said…
Love those soft colors, Eileen...the pink and lavender especially.
Wonderful rendition of White Christmas too! I saw that old movie on TV the other night. :) Sure gets you in the mood, doesn't it?
Patti said…
What do you mean by fabric designing? Are you making and selling fabric in your store? (I don't sew and have zero abilities in that area, so even if you are, that isn't going to help me much.)

I hope you are enjoying your shop and that business is booming for you.

Eileen said…
Yep. I design fabric, have it printed and sell it in my shop. :)
All of your fabric designs are beautiful Eileen!
Laura said…
I think that a few of those would be wonderful as wallpaper! Probably all of them, although, I tend to go for the paler colours.
They are just gorgeous. You have such a great eye and talent.

Eileen said…
Thanks, all. :)

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