A porch update...

Come on in, everyone. After what seems like forever, but was really only a couple of years off and on, my sun porch is truly, finally, finished. Really.
Not only are the maintenance-type things finished (glass replaced, the ceiling fan installed, etc.), but the decorating is complete, too. Which means you’re finally going to get to see that mysterious corner.
First up, I painted the table out here again. It went from Sandstone Cove (which is my favorite neutral) to a much brighter lavender on a whim. I was playing on the porch and it suddenly occurred to me that the table should be a different color ~ it simply wasn’t bright enough in the sea of color I had created. The rug has a lovely shade of lavender in it as an accent and I remembered I had a quart of paint in the shed that I had bought and never used because I changed my mind. Within a half-hour, the table was painted. And you know what? The color of the table perfectly matches the accent color in the rug.

And now for the bigger project. One of the corners of my porch has been in desperate need of something. A friend of mine had left an old mantle out in the Magic Shed and suggested I get my husband to put it back together (it was in three big pieces) and paint it since she wasn’t going to be using it anytime soon. It would also serve as a home for The Shell Mirror (which you’ll see more of and learn more about in my next post ~ yes, there’s a story there). Anyway, the idea of using the mantle intrigued me, so I went ahead. Here’s the mantle getting its first coat of paint:

The color is actually a bit more green than it looks in these photos. Rather than fill in all the holes in the wood, I had my husband leave some of them open. I thought they would make an interesting juxtaposition against the gold paint I wanted to trim the mantle with.

The color I chose nearly matches the blue-green in this chair, though that wasn’t planned.

Now, here’s the mysterious corner you have never seen...

Terribly boring, isn’t it? No wonder I never bothered to show it to you. Here’s that corner now, with the mantle completed and the fabulous Shell Mirror on top. 

Isn’t it cool? I am absolutely loving it. I think the eclectic mix of purple, teal and yellow, with splashes of pink, works perfectly out here (oddly enough). My husband really likes it, too. In fact, we have spent more time relaxing on the porch in the past few weeks since I finished it than we have in the last couple of years combined. It’s so nice to have it all feel done.

Here are some more shots of the porch, starting with the doorway and going around the room...

What do you think?

Photos by The Pink Home


Your porch is so cute. How did you create it? with different windows? I want on off my house, in the back. Out of curiosity, is your front door separate from the porch or do you go into the porch to get in the house. The picture looks like it could be either way.

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P.S. I'm following you on bloglovin'. I have to get my feeds fixed till I can put my blog on. So far, I don't understand the instructions.

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