The joy of pastel-colored dishes...

For those of you new to my blogs, a little heads up: I love dishes. Unabashedly. Ridiculously. Some would even say obsessively. I have so many dishes I sometimes think I should stop collecting, but then beauty overrules practicality and I add another tea cup to my collection. In addition to the family dishes that have been handed down to me from my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, I have purchased many others on my own over the years ~ everyday dishes, fancy dishes, orphan tea cups, creamer pitchers, dessert cups, platters, colorful serving bowls, you name it.
Believe it or not, in all this dish madness, I do try to limit the pink in my dishes, generally going with colors that better complement my preferred kitchen scheme of red and yellow. My china is a gorgeous set of lead crystal handed down by my mother, and I have some other fancy holiday dishes in paler colors, and even some ancient German tea cups and plates in a pale pink rose pattern. But by and large, the pastels are left out of the dishes that I can actually use.
With Easter dinner at my house this year, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get out those few pastel-colored dishes and put them to work. I used the vintage pink platter in the back to hold deviled eggs, the blue and white Haviland plate for the meat and the pink and cream dish handed down by my grandmother for the mushrooms. It was a delight to see so much pastel beauty on my dinner table for once.
Sometime in the next week or so, I'll share my latest find with you ~ it's fabulous.

Photo by The Pink Home


I collect dishes too, but for a different reason....mosaics.
I'm obsessed with little creamer pitchers for some reason...I've managed to control it though since I have nowhere to put them :-( I love those plates in the picture!
Laura said…
I love dishes too but for some reason, never seem to be able to find any that I really love (that aren't $$$$).
My Mother in law gave me a "good set" (notice the quotations??) about 5 years ago. She also gave the SAME set to both my sisters in law.
One, never took them out of the box but sold them at a yard sale. The other sister in law, and I, are stuck using them as our "good set". (there's those quotations again).

I don't mind them (yet they are without a doubt not hardly anyone's cup of tea), but, I find myself resentful of them because SHE picked them out and just expected us to all love them because she does. Plus, they take up a huge amount of room and have been the cause of things that I really love falling out of the buffet and breaking-making me even more resentful.

I've thought of boxing them up and giving them to one of the kids or my grand kids someday. However, the hubby won't hear of it going on and on about how f'n wonderful they are (pardon my french there). :P

Anyhow... I just had to get that off of my chest. Thank you for listening. :)
Tee Hee...

McVal said…
What a great idea to use those types of plates for Easter dinner! I just pulled out my china that we use for birthdays and Christmas... I need to do something more fun like this some year. Off to the auctions and garage sales!!!!
Connie said…
THOSE ARE GORGEOUS PLATES, HONEY!!! Especially the pink one. Ooooh, how I'd love having that one.
kait said…
as promised, i'm your newest follower! and i'm truly looking forward to seeing lots of pretty dishes popping up in my google reader feed :)
Rush'd Lady said…
I love pink and green and white and tea and . . . well, you get the drift! Love your dishes.
The Tablescaper said…
Just digging through some of your older posts. Lovely dishes - one can never have too many.

- The Tablescaper

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