New flowers and shop news...

I found time over the holiday weekend to take a few photographs ~ lovely spring flowers, of course. The yellow rose is from our garden, the pink begonias below we purchased when we were buying Easter flowers. It's a great big blue pot brimming with begonias ~ perfect for greeting guests at the front door.
I've been busy working on new prints for my someday Etsy shop and so far, so good. In fact, the first batch I received turned out so well I nearly cried tears of joy. The one thing that is giving me trouble is finding a notecard printer that I like. I didn't think finding a good printer to print up some simple notecards with my designs would be this difficult. If anyone has any tips or advice to share on that front (or a printer), please let me know.
Hope all of you had a lovely Easter and your week is going well...


Those are lovely pictures!

I wish I had some advice for you, I'm afraid I'm ignorant about the subject :-(
pretty pink petals! Mary of Little Red House blog makes pretty notecards from her pictures. She might be able to advise you. Her blog is:

Eileen said…
Thanks, Penny!
Laura said…
I'm SO excited about your "someday Etsy shop". You KNOW how I loves me some Etsy.
I actually just made another purchase from there yesterday-a beautiful bag. I cannot wait to show it off. I actually bought it off of one of the sellers that I suggested you feature (and you did!).

Your flowers are gorgeous. I can't wait until ours start blooming here!


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