Simple Pleasures... A bowl of fresh fruit

I always think a bowl of fresh fruit is a welcoming site in a home. It's like an unwritten invitation to indulge in something delicious and healthy at the same time ~ a delightful treat. Retrieving fruit from a bag is just not the same as selecting a piece from a lovely bowl set out for both its beauty and the practicality of easy access. It's a true simple pleasure here at The Pink Home.

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Photo by The Pink Home


Jen said…
I agree! The bright burst of color is always a plus!
I often try to keep bowls of fruit out but unfortunately, our climate doesn't allow anything to stay fresh for very long. :/ Problem is, if you put it away in the fridge, no one can seem to find it. :) On regular week days, an apple and banana are always a part of my work day snacks. Just recently heard on The Doctors all the benefits of one tiny apple. Have a terrific day! Tammy
Oh yes, a lovely bowl of fresh fruit is a delight!
bless you..Trish
Anonymous said…
I agree. Though the funny thing is, I do not like to eat fruit, so I make many, many smoothies. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

Over the years I have gathered som lovely faux fruit which I arrange in various containers. I have to keep the fruit in the refrigerator because of pesky little fruit flies. But you are so right about the look and the feeling they create.

Patti said…
I agree, a colorful fruit basket is a lovely addition to a home.

Fruit goes fast in our house, so I've actually collected some beautiful faux fruit and have it displayed in a gorgeous wooden bowl that my son made for me (he has a small woodworking business). That way, even as the "real" stuff gets eaten away, my fruit bowl centerpiece remains full to the brim.

Have a great day,
Laura said…
I love to display my fruit in a nice bowl too. I'm with you-I think that it just looks so much nicer. :)

sarah said…
yum...beautiful. And it is inviting.
I agree and thought the same thing when I filled up our fruit bowl yesterday...a simple and health pleasure.
Dayle said…
Bella, thanks so much for joining the party today. Your post has captured the essence of the Simple Pleasures theme perfectly. I keep a vase of fruit out at all times. It disappears pretty quick around here, too.

Hope to see you often.
So true! I think that's why staging a home usually involves a bowl of fruit in the kitchen :-)
Evelyn S. said…
Bright colors....the knowledge that each will taste so good, too!
McVal said…
Very pretty! If only my kids would eat them quick enough...
Cindy said…
I agree, I love having a bowl or basket of fresh fruit out too. Just something so simple is sometimes the finishing touch to any home. :)

Thanks for sharing.
We tend to have more fresh fruit out in the summer, when we can get it local from the farmers market, but we do have apples and bananas in a basket year round.

I love plums, peaches, pears, strawberries, blueberries....all fruits...
Gae said…
Dear Bella,
I Love bowls of fruit, especially stone fruit or berries.
Enjoyed visiting today and the blog. Following too hope you follow my own blog.
It speaks of home to me also.
Karen said…
Yes, I agree. I have a rectangular black-wire bowl similar to your round one.

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