A dish story...

For those who aren't aware, I am a dishaholic. I unabashedly love dishes ~ old dishes, new dishes, orphan tea cups, you name it. While I have some dishes that are simply too old and fragile for actual use, most of my dishes are of the put-it-on-the-table variety. I have a couple sets of "everyday" dishes, two sets of crystal, some china, Christmas dishes, a set of summer outside dishes, a set of colorful Mexican dishes (perfect to eat homemade tacos on) and... you get the idea. But amongst all those dishes, I realized I was missing something: some pretty, ultra-feminine dishes that would be suitable for spring and Easter. As always, I asked and the dish goddess provided ~ but it took awhile.
While scrounging around in TJ Maxx nearly two years ago, I came across a set of salad plates and bowls from 222 Fifth called Gabrielle Cream (the dishes with the plum flowers on them). I looked in vain for dinner plates, but there were none. I put the dishes down but they kept popping into my head, so I knew I had to have them. I took home four bowls and salad plates and figured I'd keep hunting for the rest.
Well, time passed and I never saw that pattern again. I searched the Internet and found I could buy whole sets, but they wanted more than I wanted to pay. Plus, that almost seemed like cheating. Silly, I know.
Fast forward to last month. Wandering once again in TJ Maxx, I came across a set of dinner and dessert plates by 222 Fifth called Love Poem (the toile gray dishes). Thinking they would be perfect for Easter dinner, I bought four dinner plates. Knowing I needed some dessert plates for general use, I picked up eight of those. I nearly bought the bowls, too, but I changed my mind at the last minute for some reason. When I got home, I realized why: The Love Poem dishes would go beautifully with my Gabrielle Cream dishes ~ the dish goddess had provided once again. I now had a gorgeous place setting for four suitable for a variety of dinners, including Easter. I'm not a matchy-matchy person by nature, preferring to put together colors and patterns I like, so this is perfect for me.
And that, ladies, is my latest dish story. I like to think of it as a divine dish intervention since it was so close to Easter.
Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

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I need to make a trip to TJMaxx...I've seen so many bloggers get great stuff there. I've never been because it's in a spot that I never do any shopping at, I forget it's there.

I love plates too. I change my mind constantly about them, drives Josh nuts. :-)
Patti said…
First of all, Gabrielle Cream is a totally lovely name for a dish pattern. Of course, I gave my daughter the beautiful name of Gabrielle, so I am a bit biased.

Next of all, I never seem to find anything good or affordable at TJ Maxx. I know other bloggers do, but that hasn't been the case for me. I guess the one in my town is a dud. Of course, I find Ross exceptional most of the time, and others find it to be a dud, so I guess it all comes out in the wash.

I used to love collecting dishes. But last year, I started using a vintage china pattern called Desert Rose (by Franciscan), and now it's the only thing I ever want to use. My grandmother used that pattern when I was growing up, and I was able to find the vintage pieces on EBAY, so now, I am reminded of her with every meal I eat...hence, why I don't want to use anything but that.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

They look beautiful together. I love mixing china patterns too.
Smiled at your comment about being a dishaholic....... well, there are so many pretty ones out there... every shape, color, size.

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