Lovely lavender...

The lavender is in bloom at my house and it is lovely. I love the way lavender smells, that delicate scent that wafts up as you walk by. I find it wonderfully calming and soothing.
Since I'm in a lavender loving mood, I thought I'd share a favorite lavender foot soak recipe. I shared this once before, on my other blog, so a few of you might recognize it. Either way, soak your tootsies in this and they'll thank you. This makes a great gift, too. Just put it in a pretty little bottle, tie a ribbon around it and you've got a beautiful little present.

Lavender Foot Bath
Makes two, 1-pint bottles

3 to 5 fragrant fresh roses
10 fresh rosemary sprigs
10 fresh lavender sprigs
10 to 15 drops lavender essential oil
2 pounds Epsom salts

Carefully remove the rose petals from their stems, and the rosemary leaves and lavender blossoms from their sprigs. Place Epsom salts in nonmetallic bowl. Top with rose petals, rosemary and lavender. Drip oil over the rose petals, salts and herbs. Using a spoon (not wooden ~ it will absorb the oil), carefully mix together ingredients until well blended. Pour salts into glass bottles and seal with tight-fitting lid or stopper.
You can vary the ingredients if you like ~ omit the rosemary and add more lavender, or vice versa. It also works great with mint and peppermint essential oil, if that's more to your liking. I found this recipe about 10 years ago in Homemade Treats, one of those fabulous card collections, and have adapted it many times to whatever I felt like that moment or had on hand, and it has always come out great. Just stick to the basic amounts of herbs, salts and oil and you'll be good.

Photo by The Pink Home


McVal said…
mmmmmm... That sounds wonderful! My lilacs may bloom in the next week or so, but my lavender is going to take forever before it blooms...
Herbs are coming up nicely tho!
Anonymous said…
Nothing like flowers we can dry and their scent stays!!!!
Hugs, Diane

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