Blue birds, smiling at me...

OK, so they're not exactly blue birds. But they do have quite a bit of bit of blue in them and they look lovely in my soft blue/seafoam dining room. And I can't help but smile when I look at them, so... I think that counts.
For the longest time, I didn't quite get the affection other people had for birds when it came to decorating. Then a couple of years ago I started to find the motif quite striking ~ I found myself pulled toward bird patterns and prints. It was then I decided I wanted to incorporate some bird patterns when I redid my house last year.
I really wanted to use a bird-themed wallpaper in my dining room, but failing to find one that tickled my fancy, I went with a large bird-themed wall stencil instead. The stencil turned out beautifully and since then I've been wanting to add some artwork featuring birds to the room. Just recently, I stumbled across a couple of simple, inexpensive bird canvases that I absolutely loved, so I brought them home.
My first idea was to put both of them on the same wall since the wall is so big, but that didn't really work. I had been thinking the top of the secretary needed something, so I put one of the canvases there, added a couple of my blue vases and that worked perfectly.
I hung the other bird canvas on the wall and am still debating about whether to have a frame put around it to make it a tad more substantial. One day I think yes, the next no. What do you think? Frame it or no?
After I found the bird canvases, I came across a lovely light blue bird house that I thought would look great in the room, so it came home with me, too. I put away the tea cup tower display on the sideboard and replaced it with the birdhouse and a pretty candle. I added a couple of other items in the same color palette to finish the look.
All in all, I'm loving my little bird theme in the dining room. I'm trying to keep it somewhat subtle, rather than overwhelming. What do you think?

Photos by The Pink Home


Laura said…
I like them a lot. My favourite is the one on top of your china cabinet.

Funny how our tastes can change over the years, isn't it? I too find myself drawn to things, colours, etc that in the past I would have turned my nose up at. :)

Never say never I guess.

I am with Laura. So my rule of decorating thumb is never say never, because when I do snub something at some point or another I end up justifying it to my family when it finds its way into our home, be it color or an item. Love the bird paintings!

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