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After spending most of the past year focusing on redecorating our home, my creative energy has been somewhat sapped in the fabric and wallpaper design department. With the house pretty much finished now, I've been suddenly struck the last couple of weeks with a burst of creativity and ideas. I put together two new fabric and wallpaper collections ~ the first time I've deliberately designed patterns to be used together in a room. Three of the patterns in this Amethyst & Rose collection are totally new; two others are previous designs that I modified to work with the others.
The large rose pattern is new. It started out as a photograph of mine, believe it or not. After applying paint and color affects and a few other goodies, I came up with this, which is sort of an abstract cabbage rose print. It's one of my new favorites. What do you think?
The stripes pattern is also new. I've been wanting to do a stripe pattern for quite awhile and I finally sat down and worked on it. It came out really well, I think. The block pattern is also new, created from some of the other patterns in this collection.
When creating the patterns, I made sure the colors were all the same mix ~ I didn't want the purples to be off a shade here and there, for example. I also wanted the collection to have a mix of bold and accent patterns so that people would have a few pairing possibilities.
If I was going to use all five patterns, here's what I would do: I'd use the amethyst floral pattern in the top right corner for wallpaper, probably just an accent wall. (I'd paint the rest of the walls white, I think.) Then I'd use the block pattern next to it for curtains ~ just lovely straight panels, all the way to the floor. I would make throw pillows out of the stripes and the quilt patterns ~ probably using one pattern on each side so you could flip them over depending on your mood. I'd fill a white sofa with them. Then I'd use the pink rose pattern for an accent piece ~ upholster a chair, make a throw blanket, etc. I can see it in my head quite clearly.
There are several other pairings using just two or three of these patterns, of course. If you were pairing these designs, what would you do? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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oh my, my two favorite colors ! Great job bringing them together
Beautiful color combination and pattern!

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