Creating perfect polka dots...

Polka dots are adorable, aren’t they? I think they're one of the cutest things ever made. However, creating the perfect polka dot pattern from scratch is a lot harder than it looks. It took me hours (and several re-starts over a period of time) to get the dots placed just right ~ I wanted that sort of ordered randomness, where the dots create a non-pattern pattern that goes on indefinitely, if that makes any sense. I thought it would be fairly simple to do ~ it’s dots on a piece of fabric, right? ~ but it was actually quite a pain challenge. Once I got the dots set up the way I wanted, I set about creating really pretty pastels and what I think of as bright pastels for the background colors. Polka dots are cute and cheerful and sweet and I wanted the fabric colors to be that, too. These five came out beautifully ~ the yellow, not so much. The pastel yellow was beautiful on the computer screen, but it wasn’t a strong enough color to print correctly. Lesson learned.
One other note ~ the teal polka dot pattern in the fabric picture above looks a little more blue than it actually is. If I hold up the fabric sample to the computer screen, it’s much closer to the teal box below. For some reason, though, my camera does not like that color. I have another fabric pattern in a similar color, maybe a little more turquoise, and the camera always wants to turn it blue. I've shot it a few times in different types of light, but so far I haven’t gotten it quite right.
All five of these polka dot fabrics ~ hot pink, lavender, teal, pink and mint ~ are available through Spoonflower. I’d love to know which color you like best.
Wishing all of you a bright and cheery weekend...

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

Photos and designs by The Pink Home


Hello Eileen,
Oh, my pick would definitely be the soft pink and mint; so pretty!
Nice job! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend.

Karin said…
Love them all....I go nuts for polka dots....Happy PS!
Ann said…
Polka dots are a "happy print". My favorites are the pinks.
Marti McClure said…
Love the polka dots! Happy St. Patrick's Pink Saturday. ~Marti
paintedlady89 said…
I love dots, I always have and I always will!
I think the color depends on what is being made and what it will be with!
Love them all. both pinks are my favorite!

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